Professional Development

Professional Development ValleySVP would like to encourage everyone in Annapolis and Kings county to choose professional development courses and workshops that will enhance our understanding of sexual violence and trauma. Please let us know of upcoming opportunities that we can share with our partners and supporting organizations.

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Specialized Counseling

Specialized Counseling There are a variety of approaches that professionals can use to support recovery from sexual violence. In addition to these approaches, the relationship between the survivor/victim and the service provider plays an important role in recovery. This list of methods, or modalities, is not an endorsement by Valley Sexual Violence Project. [...]

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Comprehensive Response

Comprehensive Response The following information is taken directly from the 2008 report titled Suffering in Silence, authored by Pamela Rubin. Rubin's research covers many components of a comprehensive response to sexualized violence in Nova Scotia. On this site we are highlighting the 8 Core Services that Rubin identifies as essential components of a [...]

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Get Involved

Thanks for your your interest in Getting Involved! The Nova Scotia Provincial Sexual Violence Strategy has recently announced $600 000 worth of grants under the Prevention Innovation Fund program. This is a chance for us to work together to prevent sexual violence from happening. There are small grants which are up to $5,000 or large [...]

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